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About us


Our mission is to provide accurate and actionable data using efficient and sustainable technology.

We use drones to disrupt legacy equipment such as helicopters and surveying made by foot with ground-based equipment. 

At the core of our beliefs is the notion that every project, maintenance or inspection program, small or large, will benefit from using recent and accurate data.

Senseloop was founded by aviators with a concern for safety well embedded in the backbone. As such, we have developed a comprehensive operations manual satisfying regulatory requirements and providing a platform for operating most drone platforms. 

The video on is from a scanning project of 4 000 square feet ice tunnel.

Klimapark 2469' located close to Galdhøpiggen.

The people behind Senseloop

Roger Gildseth

Roger has a commercial pilot degree. He started working in the navigation department at Geoteam, later Fugro Survey, where he had the leading technical responsibility for  aquisition, operations and product development. In 2004 he established iSURVEY, a leading provider of mapping and positioning services for the offshore industry. After the sale of iSURVEY in 2013 he worked as a consultant and investor.


Ole Kristensen 

Ole has an MBA in Finance and International Business.

He has worked with bank and insurance services for several years and has managerial experience both from commercial roles as well as areas within finance. Ole is our CEO making sure we are positioned for growth and also working with commercial opportunities.

Pål Are Hagen

Pål Are has a MS Surveying and GIS. He has worked for iSurvey as offshore surveyor a number of years, then as a project manager and department manager for positioning of offshore platforms and constructions on the seabed. He is responsisble for developing our GIS systems and GIS routines at Senseloop.

Tomas Fritsvold

Tomas has en DipGrad Surveying and BA Design from Otago University, New Zealand. He has since 2005 worked with development of subsea sensors. He has also been a project manager within offshore seabed mapping and land-based BIM. Some of his certificates are Private pilot License (Sea, Land & UAV)

Susanne Dekko
Safety Manager

Susanne has her background from the Royal Norwegian Air Force, where she served as a Wing-Ops special solider and later worked as an instructor in aviation theory. She has attended the Royal Norwegian Air Force Flight School in Bardufoss. She has an active PPL-A and PPL-H (manned aeroplane and helicopter private licence) and is currently working on her commercial ATPL-H certificate. 

Dronefoto Operagata


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