Remote controlled drones will check Avinor’s Artificial Intelligence fences

  • Published: October 2, 2019

Svolvær Airport (Copyright Senseloop)


Avinor will be testing a pilot project with drones and artificial intelligence to investigate airport fences. Basefarm and Senseloop will be standing for its implementation.

Airport fences have several important safety features at airports. However, conditions such as the test of time, weather and manipulation can change the condition of the fences to permeable to people and animals.


On this basis, Avinor has wanted to implement a project for regular monitoring of the situation. Avinor’s community mission is to secure the entire Norway aviation services. Included in this is the responsibility is to own, develop and operate a nationwide airport network for the civil sector. The fences are an important piece in the infrastructure around an airport.


“Together with Basefarm, we have been awarded a pilot project for supervising the airport fences with drone at Svolvær airport. The project is to be conducted in the autumn of 2019, says the CCO Sølve Grimkelsrud in Senseloop.


Senseloop delivers automatic and remote-controlled drone operations, as a Service. The aim of remote-controlled drone operations is to eliminate the need for drone pilots on the ground. The company is placing drone hangars with drones that are remotely controlled from a drone operation center in Oslo. Drone operations are carried out in close cooperation with the tower/air traffic service at the current airport.


Drone operations involve a significant collection and combination of data from multiple sources. Basefarm poses key competence in advanced computing and artificial intelligence.


– Big Data and Data Science are keys to automation and streamlining ahead, as this project is an example of. Central to winning the contract was our competence in machine learning and image analysis, says Knut Rand, VP for Data-Driven Solutions in Basefarm.


Base Farms Data Science betting is represented by 20 Data Scientists and an even larger group of Data Engineers.


The intention is that a successful pilot project will allow the concept to also be applied to other Avinor’s 44 airports in Norway including the development of additional automatic supervisory services also beyond the fence supervision. Whether this actually becomes a reality is not just a matter of a successful pilot project.


About Basefarm, a company in Orange Business Services SA

Basefarm is a European operating provider of mission-critical IT solutions. The company supports its customers to market-leading positions by integrating key competencies for digital transformation — Big data, cloud services, and information security — in one unified delivery. The delivery model covers the entire spectrum from innovation through commissioning to continuous production, including strategy consultancy, implementation projects, and infrastructure operations with common operating models, regardless of the choice of cloud platform. Basefarm was established in Norway in 2000 where the company also provides data center services. A team of over 760 IT engineers and advisors provides services to customers worldwide from European offices and data centers in Norway, Sweden, the Netherlands, Germany, and Austria.


About Senseloop

Senseloop has launched remote-controlled drone operations in Norway. The solutions are offered in the market as drone-as-a-service. Their unique technology and expertise enable disruptive and cost-effective services. Their ambition is to become the leading industrial drone company in the field of data collection and advanced computing.

For more information, contact Sølve Grimkelsrud from Senseloop at +47 907 56 134 or Robert Baumann from Basefarm at +47 982 42 560


Roger Gildseth — Senseloop, David Mostad — Avinor and Knut Rand — Basefarm

Roger Gildseth — Senseloop, David Mostad — Avinor and Knut Rand — Basefarm