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Our Services

Senseloop offers a unique Drone-as-a-Service solution available in
three different models, all customed to meet limitless applications and needs.
You can purchase planned flights and services from the Senseloop webshop.

On Demand Drone as a Service

On Demand

For small to medium size companies, in need for drone services occasionally.

Equipment will be available in Oslo and large cities.

Mobile Drone as a Service


Your structure is out of our sight ? No problem, enter into an agreement with us to purchase planned flights and services for projects in areas where Senseloop does not have fixed equipment and un-central areas.



For medium to large companies who need to monitor industrial objects.

Access to exclusive equipment and 24/7 emergency services* by entering into an SLA (Service Level Agreement) with Senseloop.

*24/7 emergency preparedness by appointment.

Senseloop Solutions

Senseloop has developed a platform that is fully automated, industrial grade, on-demand and multi-purpose to address the unique needs of our customers.

Fully Automatic

Fully Automatic

Self deployment & landing. No pilot required.

Payload solutions

Robotic Arm

Cameras, thermic capasity, sensors, transportation box.

Continuous Operation

Continuous Operation

Scheduled & on-demand.



Geofencing, "return home" mode, GPS redundancy, emergency landing, parachute.

Industrial Grade

Industrial Grade

Durable & weatherproof.



3 cm position accuracy.

The most safe, secure, green and cost effective solution

Less Costs

Less Costs

  • No human costs
  • No equipment costs
  • No training costs
  • No certification costs


  • No C02 emission
  • Environment friendly


  • Cameras
  • Sensors
  • Transport solution
  • Water sample solution
  • Foto & Video

    Photo & Video

    Get high-quality drone photos or video taken by one of our experienced drone operators.

    The drone is operated via the drone operation center in Oslo, which allows you to release the drone pilot on-site and can book in to the desired time and weather conditions.

  • Inspection Drone as a Service


    A mobile solution or deployment of a drone with a hangar combined with automatic processes ensures rapid and efficient reporting of findings made during the inspection.

    Some benefits of using Senseloop automatic drone services:

    • Inspection of areas that are difficult to reach
    • Fast delivery as the drone is centrally controlled from Oslo
    • Environmentally friendly alternative without CO2 emissions
  • Emergency Response Drone as a Service

    Emergency Response

    For events where you want a quick response and a desire to monitor the status of the event.

    Senseloop’s automatic drone service can, by agreement, be set up at an emergency level that provides a quick response to assist first-responders.

    Here, a heat-seeking camera with which the drone is already equipped can be used to detect the extent of the incident.

  • Mapping Drone as a Service


    Mapping from the air increases employee safety by reducing exposure to hazards at the site. Operations are carried out in accordance with quality requirements established in our management system and safety routines in accordance with approvals from the Civil Aviation Authority and the National Security Authority.
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    Biomedical transport

    With a load of up to 5 kg, it will be possible to transport tools, blood tests and organs quickly, free from road traffic and cost-effective.

    Pre-defined routes can be set up for transport between volume points and the drone will only need supervision from Senseloop operations center in Oslo.
  • Water quality

    We have developed a solution that allows our drone to carry samples and water quality testing/sampling.
    Water samples can be collected below the water surface without the need for personnel to access the lake surface.

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